The Makita BTP140: Four Problems, One Solution

If you’re looking for a power tool that can help you save time and effort, then the Makita BTP140 is the tool for you. It is designed to perform four functions namely impact, drill, hammer and driver.

Although it is designed to do a lot of work, the quality of the product is still very intact. It has a no load speed of 0-2,300 RPM, a maximum torque of 1,240 in. lbs and is capable of 0-3,200 IPM impacts per minute. This ensures that the Makita BTP140 will be able to finish your drilling, hammering and all your other needs quickly, definitely quicker than other power tools out in the market today.

It also comes with a four-pole motor that allows you to have a maximum torque of 1,240 in. lbs which is definitely more powerful than the other power tools that are of the same size.

It also has a 2-speed of 0-700 / 0-2,300 RPM which allows you to customize the speed according to your fastening, drilling and driving needs. This way, you will be much more in control of the Makita BTP140 for better results.

It is only seven and three-eighth inches long and only weighs 3.9lbs. It may be able to do the workload of four machines, but it definitely isn’t as heavy as four machines. This will allow you to carry it anywhere and use it on anything.

It comes with two pieces of 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Battery which is one of the best batteries for power tools. It is efficient and it has longer run time than most batteries. This means that you don’t have to charge it as much as you would charge other batteries. It also comes with a 30-minute Rapid Optimum Charger that allows you to use your batteries efficiently since it can keep track of the voltage, current and temperature.

The three year warranty seals the deal. All the four functions do not have to be in jeopardy in order for you to avail of the warranty. You will also get the contractor bag and the tool belt click which makes the four in one machine even more convenient.

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