Reciprocating Saw Guides

Technically the term reciprocating saw refers to any saw that implements an up and down motion. However, in today’s terminology it has become synonymous with hand held multipurpose saws that are used for a variety of rough cuts. Reciprocating saws tend to have few extras, as they are a general purpose tool that is used for making rough cuts through many different surfaces. The important features to look for when researching reciprocating saw reviews are speed control, pivoting foot, and special clutches that disengage the motor should the saw become bogged. Like any other tool, don’t simply trust a reciprocating saw rating, make sure you check its positive and negative feedback.

Gear-Saving Clutch – This great feature can extend the life of your saw. When making cuts through dense surfaces it is possible that your blade will catch and your saw can be stuck. This clutch automatically acts to disengage the motor if this should happen. This prevents gear grinding, as well as motor-burnout, preventing an early demise to your reciprocating saw.

Pivoting Foot This simple addition helps your saw make cuts that are more precise. As your angles change while you cut, the foot will pivot, acting as a guide to keep your saw in the stock. This prevents the saw from bouncing out, potentially causing injury, as well as helping it cut straight.

Speed Control –A speed control lets the user adjust the speed of the blade, allowing you to slow down or speed up the blade so that you can use the proper speed for the stock being cut. This is a money-saving feature that prevents premature blade wear.

Here is a synopsis of the best reciprocating saws according to their customer reviews.

Best Reciprocating Saws


dewalt_dc385k_cutaway_web._V165314544_The Dewalt DC385K reciprocating saw is a tremendous cordless saw that is full with features and power. Online reciprocating saws tout it as one of the best on the market. Out of all of the features provided on the DC385, consumer favorites are the extended life battery that provides up to four hours of continuous work time, 4 different blade positions that allow the saw to be used for a variety of applications, including flush-cuts, and a wide-angled pivoting shoe. Many of the reviewers were impressed with this cordless reciprocating saw’s consistent power, noting that even when the battery is nearly dead the saw works amazingly well.

Milwaukee 6519-31

MIL-6509-31.lgThe Milwaukee 6519-31 Sawzall is a powerful 12 amp-reciprocating saw. It includes a host of great features that are well thought and properly implemented. In online reciprocating saw ratings, it has earned a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, and customers have raved about this saw’s durability and versatility. It features a gear-saving clutch, an intuitive counterbalance that reduces vibration and makes the saw feel lighter than it actually is, and a Quick-Lok blade system that allows for fast blade changes by simply flipping the lever.

Black & Decker RS600K

ImageresizerThe Black and Decker RS600K is an 8.5 amp reciprocating saw that has earned high praise from do-it-yourself enthusiasts. While it lacks the power to be used in heavy-duty construction, its budget price, and durability have earned it a place in home remodeling. While it lacks many of the bells and whistles on more expensive saws, its simple design and lightweight combine to make it a great reciprocating saw that will provide speed and versatility to any home repair. Reviewers have been extremely pleased with its rugged design, and many have stated that they have owned their Black and Decker for years, and have no plans to purchase a different one.


Reciprocating saws are a rough-cut tool designed to make quick work out of any cutting job. While many don’t have the myriad features found on other types of saws, they are an important general purpose tool that is a must-have for do-it-yourself type people.

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