Makita Power Drill: Advanced Drilling Technology

Makita is a Japanese company that specializes in the production of consumer power tools. They are very well known for their power drills that are both high quality and high performance. Basically there are three categories of power drills that Makita produces: the regular ones used for drilling or fastening, those that have impact drilling or demolition capacities, and their specialty which is cordless drills.

Makita power drills also utilizes various technologies that make their drills world-class. One of this technology is the use of lithium ion 3.0Ah batteries. These batteries are lighter and more powerful compared to their nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride counterparts, providing a 430% of lifetime work volume. These lithium ion batteries can be charged anytime without having an effect on them, can be stored for a long time since it has a very low self-discharge rate, and is heavy duty that can absorb shocks. These characteristics are among what makes Makita power drills a leader in the cordless drill industry.

Another great feature of Makita power drills is its anti vibration technology (AVT). This AVT technology allows the drills to generate power, manage vibration, and bring you comfort while working with it all at the same time. This is really useful especially when you are working with delicate materials that can be easily ruined with an unintentional jerk because of the excessive vibration. Makita power drills achieve this through various mechanisms like an active dynamic vibration absorber, vibration absorbing grip, and a counter weight mechanism.

Makita power drills also allows you to track the performance of your tool using the torque tracer device. It is a Bluetooth device that is attached to your drill that transmits data to your computer such as the number of completed fastening processes, torque value, turning angle, tool ID, and error code. This devices allows you to monitor and benchmark the functioning of the drill and find out if there’s something wrong about it.

With over 90 years of experience in building such quality power tools, it is no wonder why Makita is considered as one of the best manufacturers of various types of power drills nowadays.

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